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Hello and welcome to ASD Teacher! A website with strategies, resources and information about understanding and teaching children with autism (ASD = Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Steph ASD Teacher


My name is Steph and I am a specialist teacher for children with autism based in London, U.K. I have taught in both mainstream and special school settings, as well as developed and lead an outreach program providing specialist support to mainstream schools to build their knowledge and skills in effective autism practice, leading to better outcomes for children and staff.


I have taught many amazing children over the years who have inspired me to learn as much as possible about how to best teach children with autism, understand and interpret behaviour, support and develop communication and emotional regulation, ensure children are achieving and learning and most importantly- having fun!

Teachers do not get taught how to teach children with autism during teacher training and often do not feel skilled or equipped to teach a child/children in their class. Teaching assistants often do not have training at all. It is therefore very important that we share positive autism practice and understanding of the experience of a child with autism to ensure that children have the education they deserve that meets their abilities and needs.

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I hope you find this website useful!

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