Through outreach and training, I can support your school to achieve a deeper understanding of autism and implement successful systems and teaching practice to ensure continued, effective provision, enabling children with autism to maximise their potential.


testimonials ASD Teacher

“In the time that Stephanie has been working with my school, I have been able to see a sustained improvement in the provision offered. This has been the case in the growing knowledge and skills of the staff she has worked alongside, the physical environment provided for pupils with ASD and the outcomes for those pupils. The excellent provision for pupils with SEND, for which Stephanie’s support was a key element, was also verified by my School Improvement Partner.

Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her area of specialism, she is adept at communicating her expertise to a wide range of people. Whether supporting staff working one-to-one with ASD pupils, classteachers, senior leaders or parents, Stephanie is able to communicate effectively and efficiently, offering sound advice backed by her own considerable knowledge, experience and current research practices.”
(Jess Hutchison, Head Teacher, Grazebrook Primary School)


    On a scale of 1 – 10, how effective do you feel the support given during outreach visits has been in developing ASD practice with the schools?

    • “10 – it has enabled my schools to provide accurate support to our ASD pupils as well as started to up skill my staff on key strategies to use to be successful with ASD pupils”
      (Michelle Thomas, Executive Head Teacher, New Wave Federation Schools)
    • “10 – each session provides a wealth of ideas and support for the teachers and support staff to immediately employ in their practise. As a result, the children with ASD are supported more effectively. Meetings with the SENCo and senior leaders also increase their knowledge of ASD within a wider school context”
      (Alexandra Webb, SENCo, Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primary Schools)


    How do you feel the outreach feedback sessions have supported your knowledge of supporting a child with autism?

    • “I feel I know much better how to support a child with ASD. While I understand each child is different, I feel I have discussed and been exposed to a very wide variety of strategies and now have a wide knowledge base to draw on”
      (Teaching Assistant, Woodberry Down Primary School)


    Parent and pupil voice

    • “I feel listened to and more confident with my learning”
      (Pupil, Woodberry Down Primary School)
    • “I am so happy with… progress in school. I am happy that he is being more independent”
      (Parent, Grazebrook Primary School)



    asd teacher school outreach

    Outreach support is tailored to the needs of the school, which will be identified at an initial meeting or phone call (free of charge and without obligation). Regular outreach visits (1 day per half term) will ensure progress, development and sustainability over time.

    A typical outreach programme of visits will include:

    • Class observations followed by action setting sessions with class teams using an empowering coaching and appreciative inquiry approach:
      Teachers and Teaching Assistants are encouraged to reflect upon ‘what is working well’ and then ‘next steps for improvement’ specifically related to the needs of particular children, the class and the school. From these discussions and specialist advice, measurable goals are developed and agreed with class teams. Measurable goals will range from staff development to the implementation of specific strategies and resources, as well as either being focused on a specific individual, class or for the whole school.
    • Monitoring and reporting on progress:
      Reports will be written during outreach visits and will follow up on progress. Achievement can therefore be measured over time, as well as ensuring staff can refer back to and share specialist advice. Schools will be supported to implement a monitoring process to ensure outreach goals are followed up regularly throughout the term within school.
    • Meeting with Senior Leadership and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO):
      The involvement in staff at all levels, especially Senior Leadership, is crucial in ensuring development, understanding and impact of successful and sustainable autism practice and systems across the school.
    • Identifying specific members of staff to develop and share good practice:
      Additional training and support can be provided to specific aspiring staff with the intention of further disseminating and modelling good practice, supporting in monitoring the goals set during outreach visits and lead on ‘whole school’ projects.
    • Providing further support in a specific area or system:
      Depending on the schools requirements, this could be an area of focus to develop such as play times, emotional regulation or written documents such as behaviour support plans.
    • Providing parent support:
      This could be individual or group workshops, depending on the schools requirements.


    asd teacher training

    Bespoke and tailored workshops, to develop staff knowledge in areas such as:

    • understanding autism and the implication on learning
    • understanding and assessing behaviour
    • inclusive teaching and support strategies

    Training workshops can be provided separate from, or as part of, the outreach visits


    steph reed asd teacher autism outreach training


    Please complete the contact form below or send me an email at to ask a question, receive further information or to arrange an initial meeting or phone call, which will be undertaken without charge or obligation.



    The recent ‘Autism and Education in England 2017’ report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism and the National Autistic Society highlighted the following concerning findings:

    • Fewer than half of children and young people on the autism spectrum are happy at school
    • 5 in 10 say their teachers do not understand them
    • 6 in 10 young people and 7 in 10 parents say the main thing that would make their school better is having a teacher who understands autism
    • ”Fewer than 5 in 10 teachers say they are confident in supporting a child on the autism spectrum
    • 70% of parents say support was not put in place quickly enough for their child”
    • 7 in 10 children and young people on the autism spectrum say their peers do not understand them


    Autism and Education in England 2017 ASD Teacher

    Recommendations from the report include:

    • training for school staff,
    • reasonable school adjustments,
    • provision for specialist curriculum
    • measures to reduce bullying and promote inclusion.


    I can support your school to put these recommendations into place, to ensure children with autism maximise their potential.

    Please contact me using the form above or send me an email at