Outreach and Training

asd teacher outreach and training steph reed
Enabling children with autism to maximise their potential by providing specialist support, coaching, advice and training to all levels of school staff, in order to build knowledge and understanding to ensure schools are well equipped to provide effective teaching and support to pupils with autism.

School Outreach

The outreach service is tailored to the needs and aspirations of the school, to be identified at an initial meeting (free of charge and without obligation).

A typical outreach programme of visits will include:

  • Meeting with Senior Leadership and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO):
    The involvement in staff at all levels, especially Senior Leadership, is crucial in ensuring development, understanding and impact of effective autism practice across the whole school.
  • Class observations followed by feedback sessions with teachers and teaching assistants using an empowering ‘appreciative inquiry’ approach:
    Staff will be encouraged to reflect upon ‘what is working well’ and then ‘next steps for improvement’. From these discussions, measurable goals are developed and agreed with class teams including specialist advice. Measurable goals will range from staff development to the implementation of specific strategies and resources as well as either being focused on a specific individual, class or concentrated on the whole school.
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress to take place during the outreach monitoring visit and resulting in a report which includes photographic evidence (with consent). This allows progress to be measured over time as well as ensuring staff can refer back to specialist advice.
  • Identifying members of staff to develop into ‘autism specialists’:
    Support to develop aspiring teachers or teaching assistants into ‘Autism Specialist’ or ‘Autism Key-worker’ (or any title selected by the school!). The aim is to share good practice whereby a key member of staff will support in monitoring the measurable goals set during monitoring visits, receive additional training and lead on “whole school” projects.
  • Providing support in an area relevant to the school’s requirements:
    This could be a specific area of focus such as play times or behaviour support plans and will include measurable goal setting.
  • Providing specialist teacher observation reports that can be put towards Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)
  • Providing parent support:
    This could be individual or group workshops, depending on the schools requirements.


Outreach Service Feedback

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 asd teacher outreach and training steph reed autism


asd teacher steph reed training outreach



Bespoke and tailored workshops to develop staff knowledge in areas such as:

  • understanding autism
  • understanding behaviour
  • inclusive teaching and support strategies


Training workshops can be provided separate from, or as part of, the outreach monitoring visits


steph reed asd teacher autism outreach training


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