I love Christmas songs!!

Christmas Songs asdteacher.com


Here is a free interactive PowerPoint choice board that links straight to Christmas songs on YouTube. When the image is pressed, it opens the video on YouTube. This allows the child/ children to make a choice from a selection of songs.

This can be great in a class or group setting, on an interactive whiteboard or at home on a computer or laptop. The 6 songs featured on this resource are favourites of some of the young children I have taught and they are:


  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  • Dancing Christmas Tree
  • Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
  • Jingle Bells (Singing Hands)
  • 5 Little Elves
  • Winter Wonderland


The images and links can easily be changed on PowerPoint to insert your children’s favourite songs by changing the ‘hyperlink’.


Christmas Songs Choice Board asdteacher.com


Download asd teacher


I always love to do some singing with the children at some point in the day and they really enjoy singing with multi-sensory resources, objects and pictures!


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